Genetic Codes: Jesse James, American Idol 2010

Tuesday May 27, 2010

I watched the Jesse James interview on Nightline focused on his relationship with Sandra Bullock. We look at him and see the pattern of the tattoo biker self destructive personality. That's his code. It will be hard to change as it involves emotional problems he may not be ready to overcome, as it takes lots of work, and in the end is a lifetime battle. Jesse spoke about his dysfunctional childhood and abuse at the hands of his father ... patterns of experience for those souls who generally are in the program to create dysfunctional experiences then seek love and balance when one of them dies - the tear-jerking, "I forgive you dad..."

Jesse comes from a genetic code with certain personality disorders built in, which would mean his codes and behavior would follow suit in one manner or another. Based on the women he would have children with, determines how their lives will unravel. I feel bad for Jesse, but his mind speaks of continuing his old patterns as they are comfortable and familiar.

Everything is written in one's genetic code that can be traced back for generations if one seeks out the information. In almost all cases, two bipolar parents, will have a child with psychological problems and most often learning challenges. It is all about the patterns created by ones codes determining what they came to play out here - hence the need for souls to seek out help for issues and create balance as we evolve.

Wednesday May 27, 2010

The winner of American Idol 2010 was Lee DeWyze. The star-studded show featured a farewell to Simon Cowell after 9 years as a judge. Simon admitted on Oprah this month that he suffers from depression.

Reading the energies .... The clean-cut guy wins again.

The similarities to last year's results are notable. Affable shy guy, Lee DeWyze, emerged from nowhere to win fans' hearts and votes beating out Crystal Bowersox who has a great heart, is talented, but her appearance and energies speak of drama. People voted for the more stable looking and living soul. It's all about grids and frequencies.

In 2009 the winner was clean cut Kris Allen. There was no way Adam Lambert was going to win, though he clearly had the best voice and stage presence. Why? His appearance and genetic code speaks of dysfunctionality - not so much about being gay, but about the dark side of life, the S & M side that speaks to souls about pain, suffering and abuse, etc. Those emotions oppose human consciousness evolution into light. I enjoy watching Adam perform and see him emerging into something more that he was one year ago.