Alien Connections - Ellie and Xavier

What does Ellie have in common with a 9 year old black boy in Tennessee?

Speaking of aliens, I have to tell you the pull is there again, but not sure why. Synchronicities abound ... and no I have not been taken and don't expect to. . I have to tell you a really cool story. In 1992, when I went global from the Empire State Building, as the Satellite Psychic, for 6 months, I met some really great people, as part of the show was call-in.

Several of the people remain in touch. One of them is a black woman, a school teacher, in her 30's who lives in Tenn. Sunday I read her on a variety of personal matters. As we finished the reading she told me about a strange experience her son, 9, had in 2006.

One morning the boy, Xavier, woke up with bruises and red marks on his stomach and a nose bleed. He insisted he did not have a fight with anyone and is not the aggressive type. He is sweet, smart, very well mannered, a great student and well liked. His father was killed in a car accident when he was two and his mother never remarried. Alarmed, she took him to school to get answers, but there were none. She took him to a local minister who said he was a special child. Not sure how he concluded that other than the fact that as they spoke and looked at the bruises they disappeared. Amen! This is all true. This is not a big topic of conversation in his area, but you never know with children. What really got me is he described events much like what I experienced in 1954.

Long story short I talked to the boy, and he told me this. A few months ago, while he was sleeping he was taken on a UFO.

He sat on a bench with a black boy named Sam, who looked just like him. (I also had the bench experience with a boy my age seated beside me who said we would meet again one day - don't think he gave me his name.)

He saw a man and woman, as did I. They told him he would go back home and speak to a psychic, which he told his mother as he didn't understand how it could happen. At the time we had not scheduled an appointment and I am not sure she told him about me at all as we only talk once in a while. He was also told that he would grow up and become a famous healer. His mother can see that in him, but then again, he's her only child.

He saw pictures while seated on the bench that swirled around, as did I.

Something he looked at in the center of the room, had to do with unknown flowing images, like a central core, as did I. This core programs DNA.

The following were experiences he had that I didn't, or don't remember. He was taken to a room where he saw many babies, which he described like gray aliens with large gray heads and big black eyes. There were dead bodies in another room. From what I gathered by his description they were hybrids.

I asked him if he was scared, and he said no. The tone of his voice told me that he wasn't.

I asked him if he expected to be taken again, and he said no.

I asked if he had ever had this experience before, and said when he was seven.