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November 29, 2006

I saw the film The Fountain.

Here's Ellie's review.

The performances of the two main characters were good, but the story left a lot to be desired.

Act 1 reminded me of an off-Broadway play, just acting, and waiting to connect emotionally with the plot.

The film is laced with interesting metaphors, though not explained properly, especially to the novice.

Loved that Rachel Weisz's character was named Izzi (Isis, I is Z, Is-Is or existence) also Isabella (bell, harmonics).

The answers linked to a Mayan Temple where the Tree of Life is found, but don't look for eternal youth or healing, for it does not exist there as the main character, Tomás / Tommy / Tom Creo found out. The tree had to die to be reborn, (Isis, Osiris, Horus) just as the program must end for all souls to rebirth.

Loved the supernova linked to Mayan Prophecy idea. As you know I have a great time playing with nebulae.

Watched the history channel program about the Mayans that aired in this month. One can only assume the 2012 Mayan Calendar insert has some merit as it forges ahead.

The story line of "The Fountain" also goes to reunion of soul at the end of time, when souls cross over, but if you don't read Crystalinks, you might miss it.

The movie was too melodramatic for me. The scenes were mostly set in a dark room or dark area. This reminded me of the failure of "The Da Vinci Code' last spring, also way too dark to make a point and create an energy. I love light, which was only used for special effects, emerging from the darkness of the physical ... into the light.

Now we come to the number 12 (12=3=3D=physical reality) ... of course we do. Izzi needs Tom to complete her book, "The Fountain", Chapter 12. Is that a 12/21/12 joke? He finishes the last chapter, by dipping the fountain pen she gave him into his blood (give me a break) .. and makes a circle around his ring finger. You should know these metaphors by now. The book is the story of humanity's journey through the 12 Around 1 or time. Blood, bloodlines who are here to close the program and reunite the characters, full circle, the Ring or Apollo finger, Sun God symbology. Palmistry

They showed the Tree of Life in Mesoamerica, supposedly there does exist is a second tree, not the one in the middle east, as that is another program.

The Tree in Mesoamerica, when set in light in the allegedly future as humanity marks linear time ... I automatically held up my left palm and I could feel energy surging through my left hand. Pat and I held our hands up and they tingled. It's all about the future, the past is deleted. When we saw the tree in ancient Mayan times, there was no energy at all ... which goes to my opinion of the film. Sorry if I spoiled the plot for anyone.

I recently read that Darren is engaged to one of my favorite actresses, Rachel Weisz who stars in the movie, and that they live in Brooklyn. Small planet. Wish I could show him 'Sarah and Alexander', but the connection is not there at the moment.

Life is a Fountain ... of Youth ... of Creation ... that flows through the realms of time. Each drop is a bead in the DNA strand of one's journey, a pearl of wisdom and knowledge. For some ... their cup runneth over, while others drown in their sorrows and issues. For those who feel special ... your time is coming. For Sarah and Alexander ... creation draws closer. Tick Tock.

Brooklyn Adventures

Once upon a time in Brooklyn, circa the late 1950's, I moved to an area called Manhattan Beach, which of course is on the water, never lived more than 2 blocks from the Atlantic Ocean. This was not long after I had returned to Brooklyn from my experience in the Nevada desert with my mother, when I was 'taken' and met Z, at age 11. Until that time my family and I had lived in Coney Island.

Manhattan Beach is a quiet community, east of Coney Island, filled with upscale families, who had hopes and dreams for their children and worked hard to get there. It was basically Jewish. Today it is primarily a melting pot of Jewish, Italian and wealthy families who came here from Russia.

At 13, I was very shy. My planets really must have shifted, because that didn't last long. To make new girlfriends I joined an organization called the B'nai Brith Girls, (BBG) though I was never into religion. The teenager in charge was an older girl, who lived on the next block. Her name was Charlotte and we became friends.

A year later, at age 14, I bloomed into a teenager and dumped the BBG in favor of more exciting things: cheerleaders, honor society, dancing on TV, music, winning beauty pageants, and of course boys! High school was the best, though I graduated early at age 16.

And so the BBG girls grew up and ran into each other from time to time. The years passed and most of the BBG girls remained in this exclusive area. Charlotte went on to marry a man who last name was Aranofsky. She had 2 children, Patty and Darren, great kids, the same ages as my two oldest daughters. Darren was friends with my daughter Zsia, but in time we all grew up and drifted apart. I met Patty at the CBS studios about 11 years ago when I worked there briefly. She remembered me and my family, sending regards. Darren, as you know, went on to make movies with metaphysical themes.

There was something about the pulse of the people I grew up with ... that would lead to fame and success for them and their families. Issues did not reflect substance abuse, severe mental illness, learning disabilities, incest, or any of the other issues created by the program, that souls spiral into for the experience alone. It was about the making the most of each moment, of reaching for the stars, of knowing one could manifest destiny and help others ... it was all and more.

The years past, and all the children grew up. I lost touch with Charlotte and never really knew her husband well, though we all remained in Manhattan Beach. In 1990, with my children grown, I moved to another area along the water, Bay Ridge. Following the blueprint that we call our reality, Charlotte and her husband, retired as school teachers, the career choice of most of the BBG girls. They sold their house then moved into an apartment down the hall from my friend, Shirley, still in Manhattan Beach. Shirley is the Professor and Dean at Hunter College in Manhattan, who I write about, in reference to her research, book and work about autistic children. The national autism center she will co-chair, is moving along slowly.

A few months ago, Shirley told me about Charlotte living down the hall. I told Shirley that if she meets Charlotte, to send my regards, and perhaps we could have lunch one day. Two weeks ago Shirley met Charlotte and her husband by the elevator. Shirley conveyed my messages assuming they would understand metaphysical themes. Charlotte showed interest, but her husband said, as most men his age would say, "Stay away from crazy people." (laugh) What's next? Stay tuned.

Raquel from Italy, visits Egypt

Interesting color shifts created by her scanner that pose a subtle message

Meditation: Close your eyes ... be there ... feel the sun ... the sand ... go into the orb and experience

The Priestess and the Priest ... Guardians of Time

Note the shadow of the cross or rod

Hi Ellie,

I've recently come back from another trip to Egypt and wanted to share with you some wonderful things that happened to us there. It all seems very connected to your own work and to Crystalinks: connecting to the Program, activating ley lines, grids of creation and also time travel ...

Early this month, a group of 8 women, and I, went to the beautiful Siwa Oasis in the Sahara desert, mainly to visit the famous Temple and Oracle of Amun, then spend a few days by the sea near Al Alamein, on the northern coast, not too far from Alexandria. We did some great energy work connecting to the strong transformational energies of Egypt.

We'd planned to go to the Oracle of Amun to ask for guidance about our personal lives and the world in general, following on the footprints of Alexander the Great. While we were inside the Temple and Oracle of Amun, we did a group ritual that involved connecting to the energies there, using inner guidance and following the messages found in the hieroglyphs on the walls. Then I was 'given' some strange symbols that I felt I had to draw in the air using my quartz crystal wand, while standing inside the temple, but looking out towards the sun, as if to activate something there (a scene I had already seen in a dream, on the night before the trip). Our guide, an Italian Egyptologist called Alessandra, told me later that she thought those were symbols used before Egyptian times, Zep Tepi or maybe as far back as Lemuria or Atlantis.

We felt, and had many signs, confirming that ancient knowledge had been kept and hidden in Siwa for thousands of years, an oasis so remote, it seemed the ideal place for it. We sensed a strong connection to an ancient civilization, prior to Egypt. That night I had another dream about it and saw a beautiful temple on a mountain in the desert, behind our hotel. We all felt that we had activated strong energies of the land around Siwa, and in the desert of Sahara, perhaps linked to ley lines or planetary grids, as if a dormant energetic grid in that area, had been restarted or reactivated. The energies were very high and we felt really connected. Later Alessandra felt that the work we had done and are still doing at a distance is also connected to the god Ptah and his staff, the rod of creation and healing, which she believes was also a tool for teleportation and time travel.

Destiny brought Alessandra back to Siwa, two weeks later where she was able to carry on the work we had started. I keep in contact with her by email and in spirit. Home, here in Italy, I was quickly able to time travel back to the Temple, where I witnessed Alexander the Great inside and sensed the changes in the energetic grid under the Temple and around Siwa.

Thank you again.
Love & Light,