Big Babies, Soul Journeys and Abortion Part 1

In the news today we find this story ...
Big baby causes sensation in Cancun -- AP - February 1, 2007

Look at the size of this newborn baby boy!

Many clients still report problems with conception though everything checks out well, physically and emotionally. They want to know if I see a baby for them. As with all things, I believe there have always been unexplained reasons why couple do not conceive - it's just that now everything - every issues facing humanity - is talked about openly and written about in the news. Couples are discovering that the culprit is sometimes an autoimmune issue, or their age, as many women in their 40's try to conceive for the first time. New IVF technique triples success rate Guardian - February 2, 2007

In a related topic ... recently I read a woman who could not get beyond issues created when she had an abortion three years ago. She also has a little girl and the man who would be father to the aborted fetus is out of her life. She asked me about the journey of the soul in relation to the fetus ... did she do the wrong thing and why hasn't the guilt past?

Guilt over an abortion goes to one's upbringing and emotional state and if not reconciled needs professional help. A balanced soul will not attract a pregnancy unless the child is wanted. One with emotional problems will attract all of the negative learning lessons that can go with an abortion.

I believe that babies should only be born to those who can properly take care of them. You just have to look at the state of the world, or perhaps your unhappy marriage and family, to know that is true.

Many clients with emotional problems, who in the past may have turned to having a baby to have someone to love them unconditionally, now decide again children, so they do not pass along the dysfunctional genetic code of their family and themselves. Do you really want to have a baby with a partner who has substance abuse problems, is emotionally unstable, among other issues? It always go to genetic code and family patterning ... but that's another column.

To know when the soul enters the fetus is to know when the fetus begins to have consciousness, which I do not believe is in the early stages of pregnancy. Everything goes to conscious awareness. The consciousness of the soul slowly enters the fetus, coming into our level of awareness at birth, with the first breath.

In my opinion, souls do not get destroyed because one has an abortion. Souls move on. No guilt here.

I have always felt a soul linked to a woman who will have an abortion or miscarriage, knows at the time of conception, just as soul who live for a few days, weeks, months, or years, know they are here for a short trip. Often they will tell you that from the youngest age ... "I am going to die young." I do not believe that there is any negative karma carried over when a woman has an abortion. The negativity and guilt goes only to the mother or others she drags into her drama.

Here's something interesting that surprised me recently. I read mostly male clients these days ... not sure why ... but they are really cool ... sometimes. In January, five of them came for a reading, at different times, because they had gotten someone pregnant. "What is that about?" I yelled at each of them. All had not used birth control, but were experienced with it. None were teenagers. All used the 'pull out' method ... Coitus Interruptus ... like that really works! One man questioned paternity. None were married to the woman they slept. All realized their mistake and vowed it would never happen again, hoping I would see the situation resolve itself quickly. I did in all cases. All resulted in early term abortions. Whew! Be careful boys.

Thousands of women have abortions each year. I have always believed in abortion as one should not have a child unless they are prepared to care for that child, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

And the beat goes on ... and so do the dramas. If you can't get past an abortion, or any other issues, please get professional help and don't get pregnant.

Abortion Dilemmas Part 2

Last week I wrote about abortions, especially when the there was no birth control used and the baby would be a 'mistake' and live up to that title as the parents move apart.

Once again a client is faced with an abortion situation. She is a gorgeous white woman in her early 30's, who was living with a man for 3 years, supporting him most of the time (how do people do that?) then found out that he was having an affair ... in all that spare time I guess.

He begged to be taken back ... you would to guys, if you saw her spiritual energies, giving soul, and hot body ... she also ows her home and is very productive. Anyway, they reconciled briefly just before Christmas, as he allegedly gave up the work related affair. He's in his late 20's and of Latin decent.

Try as she may, she knew she had to move on with him and looked to find fault. When they weren't fighting, they were having sex ... back to the old 'pull out' method again ... only this time he sabotaged her and didn't pull out! She is now 5 weeks pregnant, has a 5 year old son and would like another baby but not with this man.

Did I forget to mention that the guy also drinks? You know where I went with this decision. Get rid of the man and the 'not as yet formed' fetus. I couldn't even find a soul connected to the pregnancy, which means it could abort on its own. She is a Capricorn, in a 9 year and everything in her life is 9. The problem is ... she has never been without a man and has always picked dysfunctional ones. She is learning.

Sometimes this whole business about ... "I feel soul connected to you so let's be together forever ..." is greatly overrated and on time restraints.