Abandoned Churches

Friday May 3, 2013

Some people have abandoned the concept of religion and an iconic god who promises to guide and protect, and will one day return. They have lost faith, so to speak, and seek answers in higher light, where all is grid consciousness and understood.

"Church" is an English word for a Christian religious institution or building. In the journey of the "church" as "holy ground", we find many structures, some whose location on specific grids lines - and architecture - are allegedly encoded with the truth about humanity's journey, one that appears to be coming to closure, soon to be abandoned.

In an article below, there are photos and stories about 44 abandoned churches, that some call creepy while those who are more psychically attuned pick up vibrations of events that occurred in another time grid, perhaps one in which they experienced. Check them out and see if you connect. At the end of the day ... physical reality is guided by thought and something referred to as Sacred Geometry. It served a purpose as a place of learning, much like the churches in the article, but alas it is time for worn out souls to abandon the physical and return to consciousness and light.

Photos: Abandoned Churches   Weather.com - May 3, 2013
With their domed roofs, majestic towers, elaborate arches and stained-glass windows, churches are some of the most beautiful structures in the world. But many of these historic buildings have been left abandoned, neglected and succumbing to nature. In his reports from abandoned cities such as Chernobyl, Ukraine and Varosha, Cyprus for his best-selling book "The World Without Us," Alan Weisman wrote that structures crumble as weather does unrepaired damage and other life forms create new habitats. A common structure would begin to fall apart as water eventually leaks into the roof, erodes the wood and rusts the nail. Many of these churches, without intervention, could ultimately collapse.

Speaking of the church

Digitizing history: 82,000-manuscript collection Vatican Library goes online   The Star - May 3, 2013
Little things slow down the process of putting 40 million pages of ancient manuscripts in the Vatican Library online: gold or silver in the illuminations, bindings that disintegrate if you open them, getting the synergy right.