The X-Files and Other Conspiracies

January 25, 2016

There are all kinds of conspiracies shaping this reality from political, to social, to religious, to those linked with other worlds. It was great to see Mulder and Scully together again and their 2016 slant on the X-Files. Is their quest connected to yours?

Reality is a conspiracy - the greatest truth being this is all an illusion, a hologram that is about to end. Is the truth still out there? It always was if you are programmed to understand it - not just in your mind but on a soul intuitive level from which we are born.

Today most Americans - and people around the world - understand corruption in governments, religious organizations, and conspiracies that go beyond. At the end of our journey, resources are many, from bits of information channeled or dreamed, personally experienced, physically researched and documented, or come by covertly. We trust our instincts, psychic abilities, and people with the same gifts we possess and meet along the way.

There are many media tools that have helped us find answers - highlighted by the Internet, films, documentaries, books, images, and TV - some real - some fiction.

Sometimes we take the information we receive and work it into our personal philosophies believing them to be true thus reinforcing our beliefs. Truth is an illusion along with Time, Space, and our experience here - and yet something about it propels us forward to get physical proof especially in the 21st-century. When the hologram ends, everyone will get it even those who don't go in search of ...

Some people are programmed to find answers, others are programmed to never believe or quest for truth. For most there is a "crossover event" that triggers the quest. It could be the death of somebody they love, an accident, NDE, illness, or the mini breakdown that stops them dead in their tracks. Simply put ... one's programming is what it actually creates the situation so they can move forward and make sense of what's going on today. From the healing worlds to wherever the journey takes them ... they know Time is running out ... "As is" the illusion.

In the current US presidential election Americans want anybody who is not part of the old establishment. We know the reasons why ... as everything collapses around us. The matrix/consciousness grids of the conspiracy are imploding spiraling us into freefall.

We have an interesting selection of candidates we don't like - from Donald Trump to Bernie Sanders and ready to enter the race - former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. What we are sensing is the corruption goes deeper than what billionaires - or anyone - can fix. Unfortunately the candidates have more issues than the people they wish to help. You will hear more from them as we move to February 1 - one week from today - and the Iowa caucuses.

Last season on The Blacklist - Raymond Reddington showed us how corrupt secret governments run the world. This season he expanded on that premise in the most current episode "Mr. Gregory Devry". He calls the secret government the Kabal and has introduced us to some of the players. Who does this remind you of? Other shows that are trying to portray the truth - Sunday night taking us to The X-Files.

Though Raymond Reddington has never spoken about an alien influence with the Kabal - most of us who are part of UFO extraterrestrial research - believe there is a connection that goes back to the creation of the current bio-genetic experiments in which we are all consciously partaking. How cool would it be if Reddington's daughter Elizabeth Kean - who just found out she is pregnant - has a child with unique gifts. Alas ... I do not write for the show.

Last night on the X-Files - Fox Mulder and a new character - a slick TV conspiracy theorist named Tad O'Malley - explain it all in the second half of the episode - my favorite part of the show. This has always been the ark story of the X-Files. With five remaining episodes it is hard to know where they are going to go with the mythological ark story because some of them shows are going to be stand-alones.

Speaking of gifted children - the topic of Fox and Dana's son - most likely a hybrid as Scully discovered her DNA is alien - probably altered - should be very interesting and I believe is the main topic of the sixth and final episode in this round of the X-Files. They mention the son is now 15 years old meaning his alien ability's would have activated and he would want answers. Sort of reminds you of Clark Kent.

Seeing Moulder and Scully together ignites us UFO buffs in the hope governments will step forward and tell us what's really going on. They won't!

Many of my clients wonder, "Where are the aliens and why are they hiding?" Many people have different answers to that question - I'm not one of them. To me aliens, mythological beings, and religious icons are just subroutines in the larger hologram to which I feel my only connection.

Sci-fi takes many roads and directions. In a manner of speaking our reality is sci-fi. The shows that attract us are the ones that will trigger memories and catalyze us to truth. "The truth is still out there," to quote the writer of the show and our hologram. Most people who read this blog understand the truth in so far as our brains allow at this level of consciousness. We also know we only understand the smallest fraction of what's going on and can't wait to return to that place where always understood. Take heart in knowing that you're light-years above those who dwell in the games of third dimension.

The Real 'X-Files'? CIA Reveals Weirdest UFO Stories   Live Science - January 27, 2016
The real-life stories of UFOs would be enough for the fictional "X-Files" FBI agents Mulder and Scully to spend a lifetime investigating. With a nod to the new "X-Files" reboot (which airs on Fox on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET), the Central Intelligence Agency has released a trove of once classified documents on several real-life unidentified flying objects. Not surprisingly, many of these UFO sightings emerged in the early 1950s. The space race was on, the Cold War fears had reached a fever pitch, and science-fiction movies like "The Flying Saucer" (1950) catapulted schlocky depictions of aliens and their flying machines into the popular consciousness. In fact, by 1953, UFO mania had reached such heights that the CIA marshaled a team of scientific consultants to investigate all of the reports and review the "Unidentified Flying Object Problem," according to a 1953 memorandum by the agency.

Take a peek into the CIA's 'X-Files'   CNN - January 29, 2016
The truth is out there: The CIA has released hundreds of declassified documents detailing investigations into possible alien life. The Central Intelligence Agency posted documents of reported Unidentified Flying Objects that range in date from the late 1940s to the 1950s. While playing off the hype of the TV show reboot "The X-Files," the CIA broke down the cases into two categories, whether you side with Agent Mulder or Agent Scully. Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully and David Duchovny as Fox Mulder in the Fox series "The X-Files." For believers in alien life, and those who want to channel your inner Mulder, one case you can choose to investigate is the case of a flying saucer in Germany in 1952.