The Watchers

Fact: We exist in a consciousness simulation that is watching us. Within that simulation are simulations within simulations that are also watching. Watching means waiting. We are waiting.

Fact: You are projected illusion in a simulation and are therefore an observer - a Watcher in a simulation.

Fact: A "Watch" is a time piece. Time is an illusion (physics) ergo reality is an illusion.

Fact: Reality is a mathematical construct designed and created by algorithms. It may seem illogical, but understanding the purpose of its inception will allow it to make sense.

Fact: Every "day" your programming is being completely rebooted so you can 'watch' better. This affects your dreams.

Fact: Technology and the Internet have come into play in end times to accelerate the process of closure and the understanding of reality.

Smart Cameras - Street Surveillance

April 23, 2013

Surveillance cameras make one think Big brother is watching - but in truth they are needed to solves crimes and prevent terrorism. There are thousands of unreported terrorists plots thwarted each year that are not reported in the news. Terrorist cells exist in many communities. Within the grids, human consciousness is now programmed to become radical, explaining why people are going crazy. They say that humans get brainwashed by terrorists and the military, but all of this goes to the larger Program - the one in which we are vicariously experiencing in the simulation most humans believe is their true reality.

This morning the Today Show reported on the efficiency of Smart Cameras everywhere in NYC. This type of surveillance reminded me of The Machine in the TV series Person of Interest - which I believe exists but few know about it. The Machine is a mass surveillance computer system programmed to monitor and analyze data from surveillance cameras, electronic communications, and audio input throughout the world. From these data, the Machine accurately predicts violent acts.

  NYC has 'smart' camera network to thwart terror attacks   MSNBC - April 25, 2013
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Thursday that if the Boston bomb suspects had made it to Times Square, they would have come face-to-lens with the city's "extensive network of cameras" -- part of an interactive nerve center that lets police do everything from read license plates to identify suspicious packages.

Drop a bag in NYC? Cue the bomb squad   NBC - April 23, 2013
If you put your backpack down in lower Manhattan and walk away, a "smart" camera may focus in on it. New York City's top cop explains how the city's surveillance cameras help authorities investigate potential threats. If you put your backpack down in lower Manhattan and walk away, a smart camera may just focus in on it. And if you don't retrieve it within a few minutes, a bomb squad might storm your knapsack. More and more smart surveillance cameras are being used to identify potential threats in New York City, according to Ray Kelly, the city's police commissioner. "You can put an algorithm in these cameras" that can spot potential threats like a discarded backpack or large package, Kelly explained.

NYCLU Surveillance Camera Project

Along with military drones, stealth aircraft, satellite surveillance, Google Earth and Google Maps - we have Google Street View which provides panoramic views from positions along many streets in the world.