The Affair

Sunday October 12, 2014

The Affair is an American television drama that premiered tonight on Showtime. Two of my friends were out in Montauk, Long Island this summer, where they filmed the series, working as extras. Joshua Jackson, from Fringe, co-stars in a look at what it's like to be caught up in an affair and how it affects everyone involved.

The topic of infidelity is pretty universal. If you haven't been involved in an affair you know someone who has. Most people understand the risks and repercussions.

I have read many men who have relationships outside of their marriages and see nothing wrong as long as they provide their wife with time and finance. Women today understand that we're not a monogamous race, and hope the dynamic of their marriage will keep everything intact. Cheating, whether emotional or physical, will always have repercussions on a marriage. Technology allows us to find the truth easily these days - you don't need a physic. The man who believes his wife will stay with him is only fooling himself no matter what the rippling repercussions of divorce. And so he will tell me how insane his ex-wife is and all the mistake she has made, when the marriage was never meant to last. People should own that. Couples stay together as long as they're program to.

Infidelity has become a hot topic on TV and in film because the cultural conversation hasn't caught up to the reality. TV and film make everything sexy, glamorous and something we all want or crave, especially those programmed as Romantics. We all want to be wined and dined and have lustful passionate sex filled with love and connection. Those involved can vicariously experience the emotions by watching others on the screen in the form of stories. In truth that is what our experiences here are about.

Married or single, clients often ask me if they will find the person who will make them feel this way. Some will - some won't. In real life one is left with the reality of their programming, which they often mistake as their decisions.

When people have an affair it changes their personality - usually doing some pretty terrible things they never thought they could do. Affairs are usually kept hidden - the conspiracy component forever part of our hologram.

Look at an affair. Overlay the current patterns of reality, if you understand them, and you see truth.

People do not necessarily have affairs because they are unhappy in their marriages or relationships. They have affairs because they are searching for something within themselves, usually a more powerful soul connection. We learn about this as we study metaphysics when the traditional partner, who has satisfied most of our needs, segues to the partner who will catalyze us to something greater that will drive us beyond our third dimensional programming.

On another note, people who marry young and work in a family unit, often burnout in their 40s. Hence another blog - people who will do anything not to work. They sell assets, live off inheritance, 401Ks, and create pipe dreams of being millionaires. Living in what we call a traditional lifestyle is not easy. When it doesn't work people go to extremes to make the experience worthwhile, such as having an affair.

The Affair - Showtime