September 17-24, 2016

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Autumn 2016 - Video of Sunset over the Verrazano Bridge, Pictures, Messages

The algorithm of our reality is not programmed to resolve issues in end times. The fight for freedom is about the evolution of consciousness in the alchemy of time.

  Washington mall shooting: Gunman kills 4 women in Macy's, disappears   CNN - September 24, 2016

With everything going on in the world now, you have to wonder if Trump or Hillary believe they can solve the problems - or privately reconsiders their candidacy while knowing it's too late to back out. Monday is their first debate at Hofstra University, race and police tactics a top issue in a tight race. Race for Freedom. Race to be President.

Love is about to bloom for many as we come to the nesting season and winter relationships. Every Autumn unstable relationships come to an end and Fall ... highlighted this year with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Angie started a new cycle on her birthday June 4, 2016. (6+4+9=10=1 = new beginnings). The energies for her "2" year start to show now which is about relationships. Life is an algorithm ... played out by the numbers. Personal Years

Social media remains a place to judge, criticize, and vent.

I never had a Yahoo email account - (500 million users hacked) - but last week discovered that someone tried to hack into my road runner account -> password updated -> the source was Russian. No worries I am not Hillary - nothing to hide. Anything can be hacked, broken into, falsified, and reinvented.

As to whether I am right or wrong about reality being a hologram - evidence is mounting to support the theory as programming is evolving the illusion. It's analogous to Schroedinger's Cat a thought experiment - is the cat alive or dead - real or imaginary - with teasers much like many of our TV shows.

Japan is rocking and rolling -- Cayce was right.

The Fall 2016 TV season continues with new programming where I found some great new shows. I don't watch reality shows as they aren't real - mirroring the hologram - all staged for your entertainment and to keep you challenged and busy until the end.

As a dedicated Kiefer Sutherland fan I loved Designated Survivor". On "The Blacklist" - Red is obviously Liz's father who will rescue her and baby Agnes then Tom -> the truth will out - Recap. I still watch the show on DVR to fast forward the violent scenes. Wouldn't it be nice if reality worked that way ... or does it ... edit and delete without us being aware?

In a recap of your life this week ... what highlighted if anything?

This week's UFO sightings reported by NUFORC. Check your location. MUFON report this week - UFO Stalker

In Orlando, a 14-square-mile development is being built that will resemble a minicity whose amenities will focus on health and fitness as that theme (park) continues until the end.

Yesterday I spent time with my neighbor Arty who started practicing Yoga and loves it. He is not emotionally unstable but loves the way his body feels afterwards. He is a co-owner of Lean Chefs a healthy way to lose weight that is delivered to your door each morning. They are adding an app and introducing new programs in October to make it more affordable for the average consumer. Today he is bringing me meals to sample and discuss.

As Autumn begins many will be out this weekend especially in the northeast where the weather will be perfect. Arty and I have the same view of the park and Verrazano Bridge. As we stood looking out my window, we noticed the leaves are just beginning to turn color. As they fall our view increases. We also reminisced about Hurricane Sandy four years ago that hit here on his birthday.

Autumn 2016: Video of Sunset over the Verrazano Bridge, Pics, Text, Messages