Rivers and Crystals

  Joan Rivers gets showbiz send-off with New York funeral   CNN - September 7, 2014

Thursday morning the theme from "I Married Joan" repeated in my head.

When Joan Rivers died at 1:17 pm I realized it was Edgar saying he had come for her.

Wednesday ... Joan Rivers remains on life support. I dreamed about Joan again ... her energies fading into the "black" though she did not seem afraid. I could barely hear her which means she is either fading or suddenly woke up here which is wishful thinking on my part. I heard the word Bardo which means "intermediate state", "transitional state", "in-between state", or "liminal state". The Tibetan word arose soon after Buddha's passing.

Sunday Joan came to me in a dream and said she wanted to come back, could I help her? I told her I couldn't and in less than a second conveyed the nature of the hologram to her. She focused, got it and did not seem unhappy - just 2 girls from Brooklyn hanging out. We met in the late 1960's in the lobby of the Raleigh Hotel in the Catskill Mountains where she was performing as was my husband Ralph. She was very friendly - always making jokes much like myself.

"Your life flashing before your eyes" refers to your projected experiences in the hologram. From our level of awareness they move slowly, but when one's consciousness leaves here, they instantly experience everything. Projections slow down in physical reality to experience the emotions of it all.

Joan has always been a strong lady, which women in today's world have to be, though it's never easy. The atrocities against women today are as barbaric as millennia ago.

To tap into the emotions of humanity as a collective body today, is to feel fear, anxiety, and the struggle to awaken. There isn't anybody I know who doesn't think the world has gone crazy.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York

Joan Rivers - Fashion Police Joan loved fashion and accessories - Glitz and Crystals.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week September 4-11

Health ... Centers

This week I blogged about the closing of Lai Yeun restaurant in my building. With emphasis on health, I realized I don't have a primary care physician as I never need one. At 71, I have an ophthalmologist and a gynecologist for routine checkups, the latter having an office on the main floor of my building.

The restaurant will become a 24/7 walk-in medial center. My part of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn is known for its restaurants and medical buildings, so I was happy to hear about the change in venue just in case. We have two other new health centers of this kind in my area, with state of the art equipment and rotating doctors many of whom are specialist. Yoga centers come and go, while gyms and health food stores are very trendy.

Medical care takes us Joan Rivers who died on September 4, 2014, following serious complications - including cardiac arrest - during a procedure on her vocal cords at a clinic on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

You know how I feel about someone's passing. If it's your time ... it's your time. Programming is programming and there's no escaping it. As another Jewish woman from Brooklyn, who once tried stand up comedy with a dentist, I understand Joan's "schtick" and her desire to make the world laugh as a healing tool. Humor is a frequency that uplifts the soul, but like everything else, it's just a temporary fix. Humor was Joan's frequency and purpose in life - her reason for being - and what kept her young.

Laughter as Therapy

Joan Rivers made her first appearance on The Tonight Show with new host Johnny Carson, on February 17, 1965, my 22nd birthday. Later Joan and Johnny would have a parting-of-the-ways and she would be banned from The Tonight Show until Jimmy Fallon became the host on February 17, 2014 welcoming Joan back to the premiere of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Thursday on the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon honored Joan as tears welled in his eyes. Joan Rivers would want us to laugh ...

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