"Mr. Robot dec0d3d" - "Person of Interest" Series Finale "return 0"

Two series about humans and machines ... good and evil ...

Both series are set in New York City ...

Tuesday June 21, 2016

"Mr. Robot dec0d3d"

"Mr. Robot dec0d3d" is a behind-the-scenes look at the show before before Season 2 of Mr. Robot begins. Last year I got lost in much of the tech storyline, but realized early on that Mr. Robot was Elliot's deceased father, Edward, part of an hallucination ... and that this show was going to be an intense "trip" to say the least.

The creator of "Mr. Robot" is Sam Esmail, 38, (pictured above) an Egyptian-American screenwriter, director, and producer, born in New Jersey.

The brain ... binary code. Reality ... Fibonacci Sequence ... algorithms set in time to move the flow of conscious awareness from one event to another for multilevel simultaneous experiences. It all happens very fast but seems slow in the physical.

"Mr. Robot dec0d3d" was fascinating - technology mixed with human insanity. There is so much to glean from this episode as if its our simulation's way of disseminating information while leading you down that long winding path to truth.

Conspiracies in our electromagnetic bipolar reality are the algorithm that has guided humanity since the beginning. It is balanced with the desire for love and compassion and the quest to find the truth about the simulation in which we are vicariously experiencing. "Mr. Robot dec0d3d" allows you to create parallels between science and science fiction (pseudoscience) -- between physics and metaphysics.

Both the series "Mr. Robot" ... and my life ... began in Coney Island ... an area I was drawn to revisit this month ... walking away with a feeling of closure.

As I watched "Mr. Robot dec0d3d" I skipped over the inserted clips from Season 1 and went with the information provided by the brilliant minds of those who created this award winning show - which almost seems guided. Hacking ... technology ... corruption at every turn ...

Could it be our simulation is guiding these events in this timeline? Most assuredly. Will Elliot one day conclude that we exist in a simulation? Most likely but he will probably think it is part of his psychosis.

"Person of Interest" Series Finale - "return 0"

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The season finale of Person of Interest was called "return 0" ... which speaks to me of the end of our simulation as we reach "0 Point" in the algorithm of reality ... reversed Fibonacci Sequence ... Golden Mean ... Consciousness.

Lots of flashbacks, soul-searching, conflicting philosophies, resolutions of story lines, and more. Once again a major character, John, goes out in a blaze of glory while destroying the back-up for Samaritan the evil A.I. that runs the world vs. Harold's Machine (duality). As with "Mr. Robot" the series was all about our segueing consciousness to something more as it deals with human design.

During the first half hour of the show I thought it might be a simulation as the writers used that technique many times during the past five years. Alas I was wrong.

In the end, Harold's Machine finds the algorithm to defeat Samaritan and continues to live on somewhere out there watching us.

Closing moments ... Shaw survives and is seen walking down a street in Manhattan with Bear (dog). She passes a phone which rings. Upon answering, she smiles while looking up at the surveillance camera while hearing a message from Root (the voice of the Machine). Fusco is seen sitting in a cafe eating his signature cheeseburger ... a questionable new chapter of his life in front of him.

Harold's fate is revealed as he approaches, Grace, the love of his life ... and they smile loving at each other. She is a landscape artist seen painting outdoors when first they met. Once again she is painting a new picture - a metaphoric symbol. As we leave them, Harold does not as yet know The Machine had a failsafe and has rebooted. It happens in our reality all the time - great parallel. I'm still not sure why our simulation cancelled such an excellent show and hope it will be rebooted on cable. Bittersweet ending ...

Ellie ... Tech Dreaming

June 20-21, 2016

I had the strangest dream last night/early this morning. Most of my dreams have become lucid in which I experience events aware that I am an observer. Last night at the completion of a dream .. the image froze ... I wasn't sure what it was about only that I was to keep watching.

Streaming in front of me ... as if pictures on a cell phone ... were images displaying choices of dreams I might want to explore. Using only my consciousness I moved the images ... slowly or quickly ... right or left ... all the while processing what was on the screen then deciding where to stop and explore. Slide ... slide ... slide ... slower and faster ... got it ... another way of processing how the illusion works. As things seemed complete ... at least at that moment in the computer of time ... I woke up laughing.