Monday, June 9, 2008

In my wake up dream, I was watching a scene from the soap opera Days of Our Lives. I think the hourglass logo was the key, though that is not what I saw.

I recognized several characters from the Brady family, one of 3 key families in the program. In this episode, someone was waking up Shawn-Douglas Brady, actor Brandon Beemer, because it was time for a wedding (union/reunion) that the family had long awaited. Dressed in a tuxedo, Sean opened his eyes. For some reason I knew he had only slept one hour, as he said, "I'll be right there. I wouldn't miss this for the world. We've waited so long." On the show, Sean was finally reunited with his wife, Belle Black, after which they were joined by their three-year old daughter, Claire, and sailed off into the sunset on a yacht. (metaphors)

My dream quickly switched to a science laboratory, as if I had moved to events prior to the first part of the dream. I saw myself, part of a group of entities, a family of sorts, creating an experiment that resulted in the Big Bang. I recognized that I was watching the beginning of everything in all aspects of the word 'program'. In what seemed like a nanosecond or less, I saw explosions, a black void, a long tunnel of light, matter created, as best my mind could conceive/understand the events. I felt myself as a consciousness entity connected to others of like 'mind'.

I woke myself up to remember the details. The digital clock on the night stand read 4:44 (12). As I raced to the computer, to write about the dream before the memories left my 3D consciousness, I remembered the Large Hadron Collider, which most likely triggered the dream.

As Z stood beside me, watching me type, he said, "These are the days of our lives and the experiment is about to end." Is it all a dream? I wondered. Z smiled.

Higgs Boson -- The God Particle?

Large Hadron Collider - Genesis Machine?

June 9, 2007

As time draws near for the Large Hadron Collider to be turned on, I created the file posted above, with excellent YouTube information, images, and more. I am really drawn to this, not to mention physics in general, theoretical, that is. Please check out the file and related links.

Metaphysically/metaphorically speaking ... the LHC underground project in Switzerland takes me back to my life as a male physicist during WWII working in the underground labs on time travel experiments that created temporal displacements, parallel realities, and more.

Somehow there is a synchronicity with the LHC, the WWII Germany insert, and the Master Grid/Blueprint/Experiment that collide soon - sub-atomic (Sarah and Alexander). ... more myth, math and metaphors ... just playing ... just saying ...

The energies from the LHC will need time to build, much like consciousness and awareness, as they synch and collide together.

Perhaps the LHC is supposed to open the proverbial back hole, wormhole, stargate, or whatever is it takes to breach the closing of the program at zero point. It all feels right and on schedule. I'm not sure when in June they are going to start the experiments, but my window opens from June 28 - July 5. Something about this all synchronizes in time, as if it was meant to happen as a prelude to something bigger.

The LHC looks a lot like the stargate in the Stargate TV series - SG1 and Atlantis.

Rooftop Synchronicities

After blogging about my wake up dream, an image came to mind that I have seen as far back as I can remember and generally surfaces when I go to the WW II grid and the underground lab linked to time travel experiments.

As if watching a film, the camera focuses on the image of a slated roof with concave tiles covered in melting snow, which I always associated with a Swiss chalet and Switzerland. It never dawned on me, before today, that the snow was a metaphor for Consciousness Frozen in Time and the answer lay half way around the world in Mexico with the Maya.

Searching roof, I found the rooftop image above, which took me to my next stop - San Crist—bal de las Casas where I discovered a Mayan connection.

Naturally the Mayan connection takes me to Z as Quetzalcoatl and the 2102 Mayan Long Count Calendar Periods and the numbers 1, 20, 360, 7,200, and 144,000. The number 144 is a Fibonacci number (F12) - the movement of consciousness above and below.

Every since reading about the Mayan Long Calendar, the word Baktun, has danced in my memory.

13=4=closure - movement of consciousness out of the physical into the next experience. 13 is another Fibonacci number (F7).

Moving along .... I discovered a website that depicts an interesting 13 Baktun Map, which is one way of calculating a closing date for the program at this level of awareness.

And so we journey on to find the clues that help us unravel the mysteries of our creation - through science and technology, personal experience, myth and math, and out of body experiences such as dreams.