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March 23, 2012

When I read about "Kony 2012" - it was a message to me linked to my Coney Island experiences as a child and my time here in 2012. Joseph Kony as you know is schizophrenic like Hitler who was born on April 20, 2012. Joseph Kony and April 20, 2012 -- it's the day declared by Invisible Children and supporters to unite and campaign to educate the world about the atrocities of Joseph Kony and lobby for his capture. Shades of Hitler ...

Did you watch the TV show Touch Thursday night? Would you label it sci-fi or just a glimpse at the wonderful world of the way some children (people) think - Autism and Asberger Syndromes expanding by design. I have always been a numbers person, so watching Jake bring messages though numeric codes fascinates me as I often think that way, though nowhere near his level.

After the show I fell asleep for my usual 9 hours and dreamed of all kinds of codes and numbers that added up to 9. I saw a giant Cancer Crab walking along and going into the light after passing through doorway 72. That takes me to the zodiac sign Cancer - July 4th - the Masonic Program - and endings. When something is a consciousness trigger for you, it stirs the soul and brings dreams and synchronicities.

The Eagle's Nest

My friend Ron is moving to a house at the top of a mountain in NJ. Last night he jokingly called it The Eagle's Nest - which shocked me. As all things are coming up Germany for me these days (clients and more) - I told him about Hitler's house The Kehlsteinhaus or The Eagle's Nest a 50th birthday present to Hitler on April 20, 1939. Ron had never heard of it. The Eagle's Nest goes to Eagle metaphors and Masonic Symbolism. The Eagle's Nest is located in the mountains above Berchtesgaden - a municipality in the German Bavarian Alps near the border of Austria. The year 1939 goes to time travel experiments for me and others I have met, who remember - and all of those WWII Nazi underground experiments linked to the gray aliens. Often when I close my eyes I see the Alps and remember.

My mom took me to Nevada arriving April 20, 1954, just after my UFO experience. Records show she took me out of school just before Easter break. Easter was April 18, 1954.

April 20, 2012 ... in the adventures of Sarah and Alexander Hitler comes through a portal to this timeline as the final phase of the story begins. He is in an underground facility in Germany. This is not far from the LHC located beneath the Franco-Swiss border near Geneva, Switzerland - and its relationship to the bigger picture. Is the Higgs Boson really the grids?

Synchronicities are getting stronger and stronger - most linked to numbers for me so I have to wonder about the synchronicity of the TV show "Touch" for people who think like I do or would be triggered by numeric codes - basics being binary code, fibonacci, masonic numbers - a number doubling (33), tripling, or more - now moving ahead - think Hologram.

The word "Touch" speaks to me about Z as Thoth and his ever-so-popular Emerald Tablets of Thoth - "As is Above So is Below". This takes us to "Touch" and these images.

Gods (Aliens) create a program

It's all connected to the children.

After I blogged about the Eagle's Nest, I found the article below - new birth.

Live Cam: The Eagle's Nest: First Egg Ready to Hatch