Ellie on "The Daily Show" October 17, 2012

Monday October 15, 2012

I was contacted by a producer of The Daily Show starring Jon Stewart about being part of a segment linked to the second presidential debate to be broadcast at the Comedy Central Studios here in the city. My topic - auras - the electromagnetic energy fields surrounding a physical body.

Tuesday October 16, 2012

The Second U.S. presidential debate of 2012 took place at Hofstra University. This was an important turning point in the election with Obama the winner by a narrow margin as we return to Square 1 - lots of talk from both candidates but no definitive answers. The next few weeks will involve lots of heavy campaigning as the election is so close. Last week the unemployment rate dropped slightly below 8% but most people know it meant nothing and that number will increase. We have all grown so much in the past 4 years, with greater understanding of the human drama, conspiracies and cover-ups, and how dysfunctional reality is, in the final hours as souls to seek out the truth behind the illusion. Tick tock ...

The trip to the studio

The trip was faster than expected, the limo driver, a man from Greece (60's), commenting that the traffic in the city was extremely light all day. Along the way we discussed politics and economics. Again I found another soul, who tries to maintain hope about the future but doesn't see how we can get there - further agreeing that neither presidential candidate was going to fix anything. We didn't get into a discussion about the ongoing financial crisis in Greek. Most Europeans I talk say believe the EU has crashed.

Arriving at the studio just before 8:00pm

I was greeted by the production staff as well as some really interesting guests, each alleged experts in their field. There were 13 panelists all told divided into two panels.

Panel 1

John Oliver was the correspondent who interviewed both panels - love the British accent.

Panel 1 consisted of 8 people who were taken to a room and told they were to watch the debate on DVR then would be asked questions as it progressed. Later I discovered that, like reality TV, their responses and behavior followed guidelines given before the show began.

Starting with the top row we find Jonel who runs beauty pageants and was told to talk about Obama's hair. Next to her was Andy President of Tie Crafters.com here in the city - there to comment on the candidates ties. Next was a woman from Brazil who sat quietly and had a brilliant aura. We were told she didn't speak English, but I quickly saw through that and I was correct. Next was the other alleged psychic who looked familiar. None of us thought he was psychic ... and guess who it turned out to be? Daniel Pinchbeck who, you may remember, came here for a reading a few years ago. But here's the kicker for me ... Daniel wrote the book - and helped produce the documentary "2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl." I didn't mention knowing Daniel to anyone and never met him as he must have arrived late.

Seated on the bottom row was a female Jewish matchmaker who I immediately knew had experience in media and was very nice, though adding little to the rhetoric. Next came Lillian who had flown in from LA to do the show - her topic Body Language. Seated next to her was a female college student who not only didn't contribute, but texted the whole time - which lead me to believe it was staged and it was as I later found out that she had lots to say. Last was a man healing from knee surgery who said little, his comments reflecting Obama and Romney's movements around the room. This man was totaled focused on mobility, his injury not staged.

Panel 2

Panel 2 consisted of 5 people taken to another area of the studio, unseen by Panel 1. We were told that we had a different agenda than Panel 1 - to observe them - then comment on their reactions based on our areas of expertise. My job was to read the auras of the people in Panel 1. Next to me was another expert on body language. In the top row we find Patricia an etiquette expert, Lori an animal activist, and a doctor from Manhattan.

John spent about an hour with Panel 1, as Panel 2 watched and had fun making comments none of which were filmed. John then spent about 30 minutes with Panel 2 basically posing questions to each of us and having fun along the way. He repeated this - going from Panel 1 to Panel 2 one final time ... after which it was time to wrap it up .... fade to black ... as the clock actually read 11:11. Did anyone notice the time but Ellie? I'm not sure, but that was the way it ended.

The drive home

On the way home I realized something. It was almost 11:30 and I still wasn't the last bit tired. Was it an adrenal rush or the can of A & W cream soda I had before going to the studio to keep me awake? I never drink anything with caffeine and don't eat chocolate - so when I have just a small amount - I stay awake. The doctor on my Panel took the blood pressure of all the people in our group and was amazing at how low my pressure was, not to mention I'm not on any meds, sleep 9 consecutive hours every night ... and most of all he and I agreed - I avoid stress as that is what kills. We also agreed that most people have to live with stress of one kind or another, so I am lucky. He did suggest Vitamin D for my age group though it seems unnecessary as I don't plan to be here much longer. (No I didn't tell him about reality ... though he was psychic and probably already knows.)

The future

Let's talk about the future. I told everyone I thought Obama would win the debate - knowing it has to do with this being a Mercury Retrograde election so the surprise element has to play out. I didn't share my theories with anyone - simply enjoying their company.

Thursday Morning

I watched my recording of The Daily Show this morning. Sadly they didn't have time to air comments by me and some of the panelists in my group.