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Many think Burning Man is just a bunch of hippies partying in the desert; a full week of days and nights filled with dust, drugs, Dub Step and all around debauchery. However anyone who has actually been will beg to differ. The event is quite literally indescribable - the art, costumes, events, and community all come together in the middle of the inhospitable Nevada desert once a year for only a week. During this time, Black Rock City becomes Nevada's third largest city and the community that builds this place is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Many of the fantastic bits, like the Temple and the Man, are burned throughout the week and at the end, we all go home dusty, in various states of disarray, with minds officially blown.

A local client named Sabrina, visits Burning Man every year. As a professional photographer she shared the creative level one finds as 60,000 people visit Black Rock Desert each year, home of Pyramid Lake. In the course of a few days, they build a city, then tear it down before they leave. They not only burn the famous effigy on Saturday night, but also a temple is created each year, and that is burned the last night as people unite with prayers and hope for themselves and the future. Now that's what I calling burning off your "karmic ribbons".

Sabrina, like all of my other friends and clients who attend each year, asked me to go. Too old ... and not the camping out type ... though I love the energies as they connect with my 1954 alien experience and new insert in the program. That being said, this year at the festival ... after they "burn away" the old ... Sabrina is going to close her eyes, hold her arms straight up, focus, and ask to connect with whomever I met in 1954 ... and if there is a message for me. This should be interesting.

Darren, another photographer friend from the city, also goes to Burning Man and said I would love it and could give at least one lecture to the large audience. He told me to rent an RV and join them one year. Check out Darren's photo project of Burning Man. As creative and interesting as it seems, I don't see myself there, though I know it will be another spectacular event.

Temple in 2013

Sacred Geometry Pyramid

This pattern was used in the 2002 Spielberg miniseries Taken which was about aliens.