Alignments June 3-8

Everywhere in the universe, at any given moment in time, everything is aligning for a reason.

The Royal Barge

June 3, 2012 Sunday - I finished my review of the Solar Barge
in Ancient Egypt on my journey home though the wormhole.
Images on the file include Cleopatra's barge.

Visions of Dame Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra sailing on a solar barge came to mind.

Turning on the news, there was another royal Brit named
Elizabeth sailing on the River Thames in her Rowbarge.

Queen Elizabeth II's rowbarge Gloriana took part in the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant on the River Thames in London, on Sunday. Hundreds of rowing boats, barges and steamers filled the River Thames with a blaze of color as Queen Elizabeth II sailed through London as part of her spectacular Diamond Jubilee Pageant.

Last but not least - there was a commotion outside by the bridge - helicopters everywhere.

Investigating, I took this photo of the US Enterprise Space Shuttle on a barge, as it sailed under
the Verrazano Bridge on its journey to the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in New York.

Another actress slated to play Cleopatra had a birthday
Monday - Angelina Jolie seen here in the film Alexander.

Monday June 4, 2012 -- Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 14° Sagittarius

Wake-up dream 6/3/12:

The 2012 Venus Transit was an important window to closure. Venus is Isis. While reviewing that file, I was guided to post the inverted photo of me where I am blue. As I finished the file, I was guided to place the image of winged Isis above my photo and the results startled me.

Sirius (Blue Star and Hopi Blue Star Kachina) was a very important star to the ancient Egyptians, who called it the Star of Isis or the Nile Star. About 5,000 years ago, the helical rising of Sirius occurred earlier, around June 25. When the Egyptians saw Sirius rising just before the Sun they knew it would soon be time for the flooding, or inundation of the Nile River, around which all Egyptian life was woven. They depended upon the flooding of the Nile for the fertility of their lands.

Somewhere during my Isis Journey, I aligned with my friend Rick in Texas, who called me just as I completed the file. It seems we knew each other as priests in the Temple of Isis at Philae. In addition/edition ... the annual Flooding of the Nile begins at the end of June - which goes to my experience with Anna on June 29. The name Anna takes me to Sumerian Goddess Inanna, also Ishtar, Isis, and Venus.

2012 Venus Transit

There are pseudoscience theories about the eight-year pentagonal cycle of Venus. Some believe that a doorway opened during the Venus Transit on June 8, 2004 closing on June 6, 2012. Others link it to the Goddess Venus and her return to create a new reality.

A combination of elements

Wednesday 6/6/12

I'm not sure if it's the lunar eclipse, the transit of Venus, the fact that I finished my review of Ancient Egypt, or something in the grids, but I slept 12 consecutive hours last night, waking with the feeling that my part in the grander scheme of things, here and there, has been completed and all is in readiness. It's the feeling of graduation from university/universe or the long awaited culmination of a collaborate effort of co-workers wherever ... whoever. What happens after graduation? New beginnings and wherever the solar barge takes us in the inundation of the collective unconsciousness.

I was just guided to this fie as part of the
Transit of Venus as it pertains to my journey here.

Venus Tablet of Ammisaduqa - astronomical observations of Venus
Enuma Anu Enlil ("In the days of Anu and Enlil") the Sumerian Gods
who created this reality calculating the journey in the stars.

Water Water Everywhere ...

Wednesday afternoon - from solar barges to final resting places - the space shuttle lowered onto the Intrepid - George was on the ship

Wednesday Evening ... A powerful summer rain (lightning and thunder) played a cadence on my skylight ...

Flood Stories and Ancient Aliens

Friday June 8, 2012

World Oceans Day

Oceanography Science and Mythology

Being ... there

Thursday night, as I turned off the light before going to sleep, I physically saw bright navy lights in formation. I have seen lights in various colors, mostly white, but never navy which stirred my soul in an almost euphoric way. Navy can be interpreted as a color frequency (almost black) or a maritime fleet. It was exactly 3 years ago that I had my Fade to Black experience. Remembering that the energies that created this reality have returned ... I immediately fell asleep.

I had another lucid wake-up dream having to do with watching from above as the ancient civilization of India was created. The word Dwarka echoed loudly in my consciousness as I woke up - remembering an episode of Ancient Aliens about submerged cities.

Here is the sequence of what I discovered ...

Navy, Nautilus, Naught - Zero Point [Recovery]

A biogenetic experiment is created

Venus at the Edge   NASA - June 2012

Image of the Sun and Venus Transit on June 8, 2012

Sudama bows at the glimpse of Krishna's golden palace in the sky at Dwarka

Winged Chariots of the Gods

Beaks and Beards and the Anunnaki