2013 News in Review

Pope Francis was elected.

December 31, 2013

As 2013 comes to a close, we take a look at our lives over the past year as well as major events that made the headlines.

Once again advancements in science and technology highlighted the year. Natural disasters and climate changes reshaped the face of the planet affecting tens of millions of people.

In the never-ending quest to heal and make a difference, much was accomplished by individuals more so than groups.

Consciously, we moved to new heights of awareness, as the concept of the Holographic Universe was again seeded into the human equation.

This is the time of the year psychics in the past had hits and misses predicting events from year to year. No one predicts major events as they were meant to come out of the blue ... the element of surprise that keeps this programming running.

Though Edward Snowden enlightened the world about government surveillance, most people already knew the facts. Governments fell and chaos reigned in many parts of the world as reality rocked on ...

Who changed history in 2013?   CNN
Something was different in 2013. Unlike recent years, when some of the major events were powered by groups and movements - think revolutions that seemed to materialize out of nowhere, public squares occupied without visible leadership -- this year, it was individuals who created the most unexpected or dramatic events.

The Lives They Lived - Famous People Who Died in 2013   New York Times
The magazine's annual celebration of public and private lives, and of the moments - intimate, historic, unexpected - that shaped them.

  Most Over-Covered Story Of 2013   MSNBC

Can't miss op-eds of 2013   CNN
In 2013, events such as the U.S. government shutdown, hot-button issues such as marriage equality and ramped-up debates about privacy and surveillance made headlines and caught readers' attention. Many of the perspectives published by CNN Opinion were shared widely on social media. Here are some of the most shared op-eds from the year.

From 2013 to 1963: Looking back at a pivotal year   CNN

The 13 Most Obvious Findings of 2013   Live Science
Common sense is no replacement for science; plenty of "everyone knows" knowledge has had its legs cut out from under it by a well-designed study. Nevertheless, some research turns up results that don't exactly shock and awe.


13 stories we can't forget: The year of the personal essay   CNN
There was the news that made the headlines. And then there were the personal stories that made a lasting impact on only a few people, but touched the lives of millions.

2013: The year in pictures   CNN


2013 Was A Bad Year For Everyone In Washington, Polls Show   CNN - December 31, 2013
A glance at this year's polling shows Americans' disaffection toward nearly everything it's possible to poll on: both major parties, all three branches of government, and even ourselves. Here's a summary of some of the people and institutions we've grown to hate even more this year.

10 most shocking NSA revelations of 2013   CNN
2013 will be remembered as the year Edward Snowden changed everything we know about the scope of U.S. surveillance practices.


Poll: The most admired woman in America was Hillary Clinton   CNN
Hillary Clinton is the most admired woman among Americans for the 12th-straight year, according to a national poll released Monday by Gallup.

10 women who shaped 2013   CNN
The women of the year helped bring the economy back from the brink, worked against tyranny, and championed equality, education and justice. Most of all, they helped open our eyes to how much remains to be done.

Gone in 2013: A Tribute to 10 Remarkable Women in Science   Scientific American
Pioneering scientists and engineers are often overlooked in popular retrospectives commemorating the yearŐs departed. In particular, women in such fields tend to be given short shrift.


Wall Street closes 2013 at records; best year in 16 for S&P, 18 for Do   CNBC
U.S. stocks on the last day of 2013 closed at records, with the S&P 500 posting its largest annual jump in 16 years and the Dow its biggest gain in 18, after positive reports on consumer confidence and housing boosted sentiment on the final trading day of the year.

  The Quiet Death Of Long-Term Unemployment Insurance In 2013   Huffington Post
The looming expiration of federal unemployment benefits raises the question of whether Democratic lawmakers bungled the debate.

2013: Dumbest moments in business   CNN

The Most Unusual Flexible Jobs of 2013   Live Science
As technology continually makes remote employment easier, more and more individuals are finding that flexible work opportunities suit their personal lives and schedules better than a 9-to-5 office gig. Regardless of the reason, the number of people looking to work from home or on a nontraditional schedule is increasing, as is the number of available flexible positions for them.


Pictures: Ten Biggest Energy Stories of 2013   National Geographic
Thanks to the fracking revolution, in 2013 the United States surged past both Saudi Arabia and Russia to regain its spot as the world's top energy producer. Above, water pools near an oil pump outside of Williston, North Dakota.


2013's Wild, Unforgettable Weather: A Roundup   Live Science
Floods, fires and typhoons - weather fueled by heat led the news in 2013. In Colorado and central Europe, tropical moisture fed heavy rains and floods. Australia was ravaged by heat waves and wildfires for much of the year. Warm Pacific Ocean temperatures fueled major tropical storms that devastated the Philippines and Asia.

Countdown: 2013's Wildest Weather   Live Science
This year was one of the warmest on record. The extra heat helped fuel devastating weather worldwide, such as raging wildfires and widespread droughts. Typhoons and tornadoes took a terrible toll in 2013, despite a dearth of tropical storms and twisters in many parts of the world.


Year in space: Meteor blows up, comet dies - and rovers are on a roll   NBC
The stage has been set for space ventures that will occupy our attention here on Earth for years to come Ń thanks to a meteoric blast over Russia, a couple of rovers on the moon and Mars, and the rise of private enterprise on the final frontier.

  From Earth to Deep Space: NASA 2013 Highlights   NASA
NASA highlights its accomplishments in air and space for 2013. YouTube

Best Space Photos 2013: Awesome Year of the Comet Shines Bright   National Geographic


10 Coolest Archaeology Discoveries of 2013   Live Science
Archaeologists dig through the faint traces of the past to learn more about human history. And 2013 was a big year for new archaeology finds. From royal tombs to the mysterious vanished inhabitants of Europe, here are some of the strangest and most exciting archaeology finds of the year. 1. Richard III bones

What We Learned About Human Origins in 2013   Live Science
The existence of a mysterious ancient human lineage and the possibility that the earliest humans were actually all one species were among the human-evolution-related discoveries of 2013. Other breakthroughs include the sequencing of the oldest human DNA yet. Here's a look at what scientists learned about humanity and human origins this year:

39 Brilliant Scientific Minds We Lost In 2013 That Changed The World Forever   Huffington Post

The 10 Best Science Stories of 2013   BBC
As 2013 draws to an end, a look back reveals a busy year in science. Archaeologists excavated ancient civilizations; rocket scientists explored far-flung corners of the solar system; and physicists peered into the very fabric of reality.

Top science and space stories   CNN
It has been a thrilling year of discovery in many areas of science, but also a sobering time -- federal funding cuts threaten the future of innovation, and rising carbon dioxide levels foreshadow environmental and health challenges linked to climate change.

2013 Top ten breakthroughs in physical science   New Scientist
From time-travel movies to wormhole entanglement, 2013 delivered a load of mind-boggling ideas. It was also the year that several big experiments delivered the goods we were hoping for: the Planck telescope provided the most accurate map of the big bang's afterglow; the discovery of the Higgs boson was confirmed, winning those who first predicted it the Nobel prize; and neutrinos from outer space were finally glimpsed. But as attempts to solve a knotty problem known as the black hole paradox reveal, we're in no danger of running out of mysteries quite yet.

This Year's 5 Biggest Discoveries in Science   National Geographic
Science mattered more than ever in 2013. Climate science questions raged after Super Typhoon Haiyan pummeled the Philippines. And scientific expertise figured in disarmament debates in Syria and in Iran's proposed halt to its nuclear activities.

The year in evolution and life sciences   New Scientist
2013 was a banner year for the study of evolution, with major discoveries in everything from human evolution to the origin of mammals and the first life.


The top 10 tech 'fails' of 2013   CNN
This year saw its share of technology-driven missteps. Some were rare slip-ups by usually reliable tech titans. Others were folks who crashed the world stage via the Internet's powerful echo chamber, got lambasted for their efforts, then disappeared to presumably never be heard from again.

Gear of the Year: Gadget LabŐs Favorite Stuff From 2013   Wired
The hardest part about assembling any year-end list of "best products" is coming up with the selection criteria. Sure, we could just look at the scores of everything we reviewed in a calendar year and select the products with the highest ratings. But that's lazy, and not really useful since you can just do that yourself. We could also just pick the most buzzed-about products. Also easy: Oculus Rift and Google Glass.

The top tech stories of 2013   CNN
The biggest technology story of the 2013 is one of the biggest stories of the year, period. It has had serious implications in the United States and around the world, and half a year later its true impact is only beginning to be felt.

2013: The year in video gaming   CNN
It may be best known as the year the PS4 and Xbox One went head to head for the hearts and wallets of console gamers. But 2013 was also a pretty good year for the games themselves. Here are our 10 favorites.


Health Trends We'd Be Happy To See Go In 2014   Huffington Post
Every new year gives us an opportunity to say goodbye to some of the less appealing trends of the previous year. And when it came to health fads, 2013 was no exception. The year that brought us some inspired trends (see: bike-sharing programs and whole food diets, for example) also included a few truly bad ideas in the arenas of diet and fitness. Let's have a look at the trends we're hoping to say goodbye to in 2014.

13 Of The Biggest Health News Stories Of 2013   Huffington Post

The year in health research   New Scientist

Best and worst health trends of 2013   CNN


Best and worst food trends of 2013   CNN

Google's Most Popular Diet: 2013 Edition   US News - Yahoo

Most popular Eatocracy posts of 2013   CNN
2013 was a big, beefy year in food news, from the downfall of butter queen Paula Deen and boycotts of Chick-fil-A over their stance on same-sex marriage to record levels of food-borne illness and some pretty public squabbles over how people treat restaurant workers.


Cocoa frogs, walking sharks among coolest species identified in 2013   NBC

Gallery: Zoo Animals Born in 2013   Live Science

Ten Weirdest Animal Stories of 2013   National Geographic


Ford Focus Is World's Top-Selling Car For 2013   Baller Status

Top 5 Biggest Game Changers of 2013   Car Buzz
2013 was definitely a year full of some great reveals and, as usual, there were a few major standouts. So we created a list, debated hours upon hours, and arm wrestled over which five newly launched cars were the biggest game changers this past year. In no specific order, these cars have the potential for greatness.


  Best of 2013: World's Largest Private Tank Fleet   Bloomberg
Largest tank collection in the world worth tens of millions of dollars.

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