Marcus and Ellie - July 1997

Marcus - who is the Administrator of Crystalinks - and I met on line in December 1995. He was working in computers as IT and living in Texas. Our connections was immediate and linked to Z, Alexander, and the VR program in hwihc humanity experiences consciously. Our work was about time and the illusion thereof.

By 1997 - Marcus had moved to Seattle still working in the computer field.

On the evening of July 2, 1997 - we had laughingly talked on the phone saying that if we were truly following the story of Sarah and Alexander - Marcus would be in NYC for the July 4th weekend - so we could go to upstate New York. We actually read it on our timeliens - yet how would events manifest?

Marcus and I spoke about the strange energies we were feeling all day. Something was stirring in both of us that linked with the book.

This particular July 4th weekend was the 50th anniversary of the UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico.

A large conference was going on in Roswell - with many of the speakers being friends of mine. Too much commotion - too many newcomers to the UFO field - too much confusion - I had done that 28 years before in Woodstock - not this time around. My soul said it had a different agenda!

The energies were high as if the planetary grid moved into a higher frequency - if only for a few days.

It's equivalent to the high you feel - when you attend a huge party or affair of some kind. The frequencies of the event - and the people attending - allow us the ability to manifest more easily.

The energies were further enhanced by the celebration of the landing of the Pathfinder on Mars - more UFO - ET - Stuff!

Marcus had made no plans for the July 4th weekend.

As we spoke on the phone we both thought it strange that we both had 'seen' Marcus coming to New York for the 4th of July celebration here yet it was Wednesday evening and nothing had manifested. Clearly it was on both of our timelines. We hung up thinking something wasn't right!

At 8:30 pm the phone rang!

A male voice playfully asked, "How would you like me to come to NYC for the 4th?"

I responded, "Who is this?"

Marcus laughed and went on to explain . . .

Apparently his company in Seattle needed to send someone to Newark, NJ - just over the bridge from my home in Brooklyn - and had asked Marcus to fly to New York overnight - work for three hours on Thursday. They would pay his car, food and flight in NY for four days - as they assumed he would stay with his NY friend, Ellie.

We laughed and I told him that it was fine for him to spend the time with me. The timelines were correct.

Thursday July 3

Everything connected to this trip seemed to work in perfect synchronicity.

Just as I finished my last client that day - Marcus rang my bell! Perfect timing!

We ate lunch and examined the synchronicities with Sarah and Alexander and the events unfolding for us that weekend.

Alexander comes to meet Sarah on July 4th weekend. They cross a bridge to meet. Marcus had crossed the Verrazano Bridge. Mimi, the friend in Pine Bush, whom I had not spoken with since Christmas, had unexpectedly left me an email that morning. When I called her she did not know why she had sent it only that she needed to connect with me. She invited us to visit upstate on Saturday. Then we realized that Sarah and Alexander met in upstate New York on July 5, 1990. They walk to a stream, cross over a footbridge, where that find the Tree of Life planted by Sarah's Grandmother Rose, Labor day 1989. Could that happen to us? Are we following the plot of the book?

Friday July 4th

Watched the parade from my terrace

The day began with a July 4th parade that passes in front of my home every year, complete with the mayor and other political figures speaking in the park across the street.

After lunch we went to see the movie satire 'Men In Black' - starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. It was a funny movie about ET's and UFO's.

This was another synchronicity - as we were to go to Pine Bush the next day. Pine Bush is a well-known area for UFO sightings.

We returned home after the movie as I had previously scheduled a client, Nikki, for a reading in the late afternoon.

Nikki was thrilled to have both Marcus and I read her at the same time.

Nikki is Marcus' age - mid 20's - and also into metaphysical studies - and they liked each other immediately.

The flow of energies between the three of us was very strong. I would begin a sentence and Marcus would finish it. We were reading the same frequency - timelines. We also spent lots of time channeling deceased entities as Nikki has lost many people in her lifetime who we wished to contact.

The evening was filled with the magic of fireworks and a visit from two metaphysical friends - Rene (male) and Magdalena - who live in Manhattan.

After dinner we sat up on my rooftop

and watched fireworks under the clear night sky.

We had a 360 degree panoramic display from Manhattan Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Queens.

Saturday July 5 - Upstate New York

Marcus and I headed upstate in the Hertz Rental car his company supplied for the weekend.

The most amazing feature about the car was a computer between the two front seats that allows you to map your destination - set in your point of origin and your destination - then it tells you how to go as you drive along. the only thing missing from the computer was a voice reference. The map was just onscreen.

We took the route through Manhattan so Marcus could see some of the sights.

Manhattan is generally deserted over the the four-day holiday weekend as people go to the shore or Conn.

We stopped for breakfast at the

South Street Seaport in lower Manhattan.

The buildings you see in the background are the Wall Street area - the financial district! You can still see one of the Twin Towers.

The drive up to Pine Bush was only an hour from Manhattan. The highways were empty as most travelers were already at their appointed designations.

We had two agendas - find a stream - or anything else linked to Sarah and Alexander and visit Mimi at Pine Bush.

When we arrived in Pine Bush we stopped at several local shops in town and asked about the streams in the area - Perhaps one of them would have a footbridge. We were told about many streams in the area but none that we 'called to us'.

We drove on to Mimi's house.

The countryside was lush with trees and flowers. The high magnetics give everything a surreal feeling.

As we turned onto the dirt road that leads to Mimi's house - something was pulling us very strongly.

We could both feel it.

Mimi's house was the third house on the right.

Oddly we both felt pulled to drive past her house and continue along that road.

At the end of the road is an area of thick trees. The entire area is mountainous.

This was the same place I had visited in 1995 with my Manhattan friends.

The area is highly magnetic and is filled with interdimensional portals.

We noted a 'No Trespassing' sign - yet we parked the car and started to climb into the mountains.

Suddenly we heard a car pull up.

From the road below saw a man get out of a black jeep.

He was middle aged.

With him was a small dog who ran in our direction.

This was obviously his property.

Though we should have felt alarmed - we didn't!

The dog ran up to us. He was harmless and just barked at us!

The man looked into our car and started to walk towards us.

We began to descend the mountain.

From where he stood - he asked us what we were doing on his property.

The dog ran to him.

I told him that we were friends of Mimi and Joe.

He asked what we were doing.

We said that we were attracted to the energies.

The man paused . . .

For no reason at all he said, "The stream is half a mile down the road. Keep the sun over your right shoulder!"

Then he got in his car and drove away. Marcus and I stood there in disbelief. How did he know we had come to find a stream? Did Z send him? Knowing he was not there by accident we walked in the direction he had pointed, keeping the sun over our right shoulders.

Ten minutes later we paused as there before us was the stream similar to what I written about it in Sarah and Alexander in 1989.

The footbridge was stone not wood - but the symbols were all there.

We walked along the edge of the stream.

The footbridge was made of stone not wood.

We sat by the stream and looked for a white stone or a white tree.

Could Sarah and Alexander be wrong, we wondered?

We spent an hour in the magical energies of the woods and stream.

Nothing unusual happened while we were there - at least nothing we were aware of.

We returned to the car then drove to Mimi's house - just down the road.

Her family was there celebrating the July 4th.

I made a comment to Mimi that the grounds behind her house looked smaller than I remembered from my visit in 1995.

I asked if perhaps she had gotten a larger backyard pool.

She laugher and said, "We haven't changed anything. The trees have moved in closer to the house. It has been measured and proven to be so. We still see the elemental spirits running in and out of the portals in the woods behind our property. The energies of ETs was still there. Sightings of UFO's in the area still continue. We still have our monthly Wednesday night meetings to share stories and help people who have been victimized."

Within this soul group - who lived upstate - and attended these meetings - were a set of players in the game - who came into the program for just that experience as their means to awaken them to higher consciousness - one way or another.

This was no different than those who quest for megalithic sites - sacred power sites - crop circles - the Arc of the Covenant - etc.

Sunday July 6

Traveling back to Brooklyn

Marcus and I realized that we had both come into awareness of Alexander at the same time in 1989.

I had worked on my contact with Alexander with my friend Deja.

Marcus had worked on it with a female friend named Dion.

I had been told by many psychics that i was connected to someone named Alexander.

Marcus had been told by a psychic that he would meet a woman named Sarah in the future.

I had connected with Alexander as an entity from another realm who came to speak with my friends and I. We knew his human counterpart would come into my life one day.

Zoroaster had much to tell us as we drove back to the city. He told us that affirmation of our work and our connection with creation would be given the next day through one of the pictures I had taken by the stream.

Monday July 7th

The proof . . . I stared in disbelief.

Oh dear - no Java!!!!

There at the edge of the stream - in the place where I had stood - to the right of Marcus - (Masculine represents the left side - Feminine is the right side - intuitive) - representing me - was Sarah's white Tree of Life. I know it is symbolic - but Z was telling me something.