1957 Chevy

The year was 1957 ... a baby-boom year. I was 14 years old and living in Brooklyn New York.

The 1957 Chevy Remote View Incident

On July 6, 1989, after returning from the MUFON conference in Las Vegas, I met fellow psychic Cheryl (nickname Deja) who lives in Rhode Island. Deja and I did a lot of remote viewing, together by phone, or alone, in the years that followed, to learn through grid travel. The grid you attract by grid point contact alignment, is your lesson for that moment. You can experience anyone, anywhere, in the grids. Some people see it as past life experiences, but as you know, time is all part of the illusion.

In 1989, without remote viewing, spontaneously, independently and simultaneously, Deja and I, each found ourselves in the back seat of a '57 Chevy convertible cruising quickly down a highway on a sunny warm day in a year we both intuitively knew was 1983. Z was driving. We would later compare notes and discover that we experienced the same events. Years later I would figure it all out. Cars are vehicles symbolizing a life path, a journey in time along a highway with many detours, if one choses to stop and experience. Sun goes to creator gods. 1983 is the year Sarah was born in my story, Sarah and Alexander. In 1989, Sarah and Grandma Rose plant the seed for the next Tree of Life. In 1989 Deja drew the image of Ellie and Z later used for the cover of the book. Neither Deja nor I ever owned a '57 Chevy but love those fins! Some things are classics.

Brooklyn ... July 4, 2005

Recently, clients coming for readings overwhelming have been born in 1957, and in the Age of Technology and Spiritual Awakening, are going through major changes. For women, this could be part of the perimenopause years, which triggers the need for change. But this is not just about women. After age 50 many people make the decision to remain in their existing reality, positive or negative, so 48 seems like a time to seek change, if ever. New partners? If someone has had the same partner, been married, raised a family, 48 will trigger a time to move on, or remain until 'death do us part.' Many people over 50 fear getting old and sick and being alone, or have never lived alone creating more fear. Living with children is not the way to go, wrong generation, having to deal with children's issues on a daily basis can be too stress. These are the years of personal awareness and awakening. Why am I here? The soul, at 48, is making plans and reshaping its destiny. In the old days 48 was considered over-the-hill. Today people are first finding themselves at 48 and feeling freer and healthier than ever.

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