The 13 Hour Clock

June 1, 2009

While searching for Monday's Ezine quote and corresponding image, referencing the book "Nineteen Eighty-Four", I stumbled upon the term '13-Hour Clock'. Tick Tock - My mind was struck as surely as a clock striking 12:00 then moving into infinity ... 13 (4, time, closure, illusion).

A google search produced the clock at the top of this page - the Prague Astronomical Clock (Orloj). As a Keeper of Time, truly I was inspired. It was blue and gold, my colors ... and all those integrated mechanisms ... started my wheels spinning.

My mind flashed to this Maya Calendar image ----> Mayan Calendar Prophecy -- Wheels within Wheels - Metaphors within Metaphors ----> and as they spun in rhythm ----> they created a celestial harmonic in my mind - resonating through my body as if an alarm clock that had struck the 13th chord.

Piano: Major 13th Chord in all 12 Keys Zebra Keys

Guitar: The 13th Chord The 13th chord is essentially a 9th chord -

Thirteenth Chord

My mind flashed to the water color images of the wheels in "The Lost Book of Nostradamus" where everything is moving from 7 spokes to 8 spokes (infinity, light). (See below)

Next I saw reverse Fibonacci ... 13, 8, 5, 3, 2, 1,1,0. Was I supposed to believe the December 21, 2012 date was correct? Time is irrelevant, so none of that matters, though the Mayans were programmed to bring forth some very advanced insights into the movements of time and space - their date for the evolution of consciousness, out of the physical experiment, being in line with what most people are experiencing.

Taking a deep breath, my mind jumped to the trip I made in 2005 to France and the Strasbourg astronomical clock - also impressive with blue and gold, but it didn't trigger anything when I was there. Google Images. Maybe I wasn't ready in 2005 ... but in the energies of this Full Moon in Sagittarius, something awakened. Tick Tock!

The 13 Hour Clock

It's all a game created by consciousness in spirit time.

It's about the Lion and the Sun ... (Nostradamus' son?)

Images from "The Lost Book of Nostradamus"

Plate 66 (7 Spoked Wheel) (Lion and Sun)

Plate 67 (13) (8 Spoked Wheel)

Plate 68

Plate 69

Plate 70

Plate 71

Plate 72 (Zero Spokes?)

This is the last plate in this sequence. (72=9, Closure)

In the 13th hour, we not only communicate with spirit,
we become spirit and light once again.

The Thirteenth Floor

When your (our) vehicle (body, consciousness) stops
in the desert (sands of time)
and you get out (of this reality)
you will see that all is a grid illusion.

Merkaba Vehicle

Reality is About Harmonics Creating Grids of Experience in Time

June 26, 2009

I received an email from a woman named Sara who sent the image of the clock above. I found a few metaphors in her email that I would like to share ...

- Peter Pan takes us to Michael Jackson, who just died, and Neverland ... We all have a bit of Peter Pan in us. Many a time, I have found myself singing ... "I Won't Grow Up" (YouTube)

- Disneyland belongs to the children and is a fantasy land much like Neverland where one remains a child. My grandchildren, Vanni and Joie, just came back from a visit to Disneyland.

- Sleeping Beauty Castle references consciousness awakening in the alchemy of time.