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October 10, 2008 :: 10/10

10:10 Binary Code for the Program

10:10 is also found on most clock displays

Earth Changes
Gordon Michael Scallion, of the Matrix Institute, will be
my guest on "Ellie's World" BTR Friday 10/17 at 1 PM

At this time there is an Economic Crisis unparalleled in the history of the planet - resulting in global economic restructuring. Some people refuse to discuss it, waiting for it all to go away. Those immediately affected are in fear, also waiting for balance to be restored and to feel safe. Those who live off investments, inheritance, etc. so they can play their games in metaphysics and/or just drop out, are in trouble.

With my clients ... most are affected by the change one way or another and want to talk about it realistically, not meditating on it to all go away. Whatever happens ... don't live in la la land and think that prayer and meditation are going to fix this with love and light.

Some tell me that the US will remain the most powerful country in the world. Others say the power is shifting, citing the rise and fall of ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Rome and Greece. (Those are other grid programs). They all recognize that everything is changing and marvel at how quickly it is happening.

Everyone has a theory and an opinion on what's going on and what will happen, highlighted by nationalizing the banking system in most countries. This can easily be seen as an overt effort to marginalize and minimize the middle class, that is fading away.

Many have figured out this is all orchestrated from another level. Conspiracy theories abound, old and new, with many seeing a New World Order taking shape as everything goes wrong and someone comes in to save the day. We can clearly see a greater plan unfolding - destiny bringing it. It would appear that the true 'Powers That Be' will soon be known as they take control.

Economic Indicator ... 2012 ... October 2008

Closure comes out of the 'blue', designed by the trickster who loves the element of surprise. It's his game. Like the final slide on a roller coaster ride (great metaphor), fear is, and will be, part of closure as this program generates those energies, much like a consciousness machine. Fear and shock will inspire souls to detach from the grid.